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Forman Tech Co.,Ltd.

[ Trawler Fishing ]

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[ Trawler Fishing ]

We have been supplying below Korean-made "Trawler Fishing Gears" with consistant high quality.

  • PP rope, PE rope, nylon rope, compound rope, combination rope
  • wire rope, chain, shackle, swivel, wire clip, thimble, splicing fid
  • ABS round float, trawl block, glove, rainwear, rubbor boots

Any inquiries are welcome to formantechcoltd (at) gmail.com

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    Chain for Trawl       Trawl Block & Thimble

Chain for Trawl


Trawl Block & Thimble

    Swivel with Single Eye & Wire Rope Clip       Shackle (D Type & BC Type)

Swivel with Single Eye & Wire Rope Clip


Shackle (D Type & BC Type)

    PE Rope & PP Rope       Polyester Rope & Nylon Rope

PE Rope & PP Rope


Polyester Rope & Nylon Rope

    Wire Rope & Compound Rope       Wool Glove & Non-slip Cotton Glove

Wire Rope & Compound Rope


Wool Glove & Non-slip Cotton Glove

    Rubber Long Glove & Leather Glove       Nylon Glove & Latex Glove

Rubber Long Glove & Leather Glove


Nylon Glove & Latex Glove

    Splicing Fid       Non-slip Nylon Glove

Splicing Fid


Non-slip Nylon Glove

    Non-slip PVC Glove & Coated Rubber Glove & Cotton Glove       Loading Cotton Gloves in 20FCL

Non-slip PVC Glove & Coated Rubber Glove & Cotton Glove


Loading Cotton Gloves in 20FCL