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[ Fish Luring System for Purse Seiners & Squid Jiggers ]

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[ Fish Luring System for Purse Seiners & Squid Jiggers ]

This 'Fish Luring System' is being used in 'Light boat' of 'Large-scale Purse Seine Fishery'.

And this system is being used for catching 'mackerel, sardine, hairtail, squid, filefish, etc'.

Large-scale purse seine fishery consist of 'one Net Boat, two-three Light Boats, two-three Carriers'.

Here Light boats have aerial lamps and underwater lamps to lure fishes near to sea surface. And these Light Boats have sonars or fish finders too.

When boats reach fishing grounds and there are schools of fishes, fishermen catch fishes even at day.
But, usually at night Light boats lure fishes near to sea surface with aerial lamps and underwater lamps, and then Net boat will cast nets.

A. Summary is below.

1. search and find a school of Fishes

- Fishes are searched with sonar, and when the school of fishes are found, aerial lamps and underwater lamps are prepared and turned on.

2. gathering fishes
- when aerial lamps and underwater lamps are on, fishes are guided while they gather around the underwater lamps.

3. gathering fishes continued
- After fishes have been gathered, the underwater lamps are slowly retrieved to bring fishes to the sea surface which they are watched.

4. final gathering
- When two Light Boats are operated, to completely gather fishes, the school of fishes gathered by two Light Boats are re-gathered to one Light Boat.

5. casting net
- After gathering fishes near to sea surface, underwater lamps and aerial lamps are turned off, and then Net Boat casts net, and Light Boats are retrieved out of net.

B. Fish Luring System in Light Boat consistd of below parts.

- Aerial part : aerial lamp, lamp socket, ballast, etc
- Underwater part : underwater lamp, lamp socket, ballast, underwater cable, auto reel, etc

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