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Forman Tech Co.,Ltd.

Forman Tech Co.,Ltd.
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Forman Tech Co.,Ltd.
#1109 Golden City Officetel, 52-3, Bupyung-dong 4-ga Jung-gu Busan 600-074 Korea
Contact name:
Peter Park

Forman Tech Co.,Ltd.
Forman Tech Co.,Ltd.
For Fishman with High Technology !

We, Forman Tech Co.,Ltd., are one of the remarkable factorys in the world of commercial fishing tackles and equipments, specializing in tuna longline tackles, metal halide fishing lamps and underwater lamps and ballasts, squid fishing tackles, trawler fishing tackles and swivelled longline fishing tackles.

With brand "PISCIS", we have been supplying full range of following fishing tackles to various customers around the world.

[ Tuna Longline Tackles ]

  • nylon monofilament fishing lines
  • hooks
  • snaps
  • swivels
  • sleeves
  • wire Leaders
  • tools & Accessories
  • radio buoys and sea lights
  • marine equipments

[ Fish Luring System for Purse seiners & Squid jiggers ] 

  • surface lamp
  • underwater lamp
  • ballast
  • socket
  • underwater lighting system

[ Squid Fishing Tackles ]

  • squid jigs for squid jiggers
  • surface lamps and Underwater lamps
  • accessories
  • auto squid jigging machine

[ Commercial Fishing Tackles ]

  • Nylon monofilament line
  • Hooks and Swivels

[ Trawler Fishing Tackles ]

  • rope, chain, shackle, swivel, wire clip
  • thimble, float, block, glove, rainwear

[ Swivelled Longline Tackles ]

  • rope mainline
  • rotor swivel, hook, snood

[ Wire Rope / Fiber Rope / Net / Twine ]

[ Buoys / Floats ]

[ Underwater Strobe Lighting System for Purse seiners ]

[ Frozen Fishes for Tuna Baits ]

[ Rainwears for Fishermen ]

[ Other Marine Equipments for Fishing Boats ]

And we have affiliated factorys and subfactories in Korea and out of Korea.
And we have been making best cooperation with our partners and subfactories to share valuable information on various tackles and equipments. And, with these feedback, we have been controlling all production process carefully, so our quality has been being improved.

Our tackles and equipments have been highly satisfied by partners and customers, and we has been enjoying a good reputation in Korea and out of Korea on better service and better quality.
Now in order to diversify our markets, we are interested in supplying our high quality tackles to worldwide potential customers too.

If the chance to serve you is given to us, we will do our best to meet with your requirements.


Forman Tech Co.,Ltd.

Web : www.ec21.com/forman

Email : formantechcoltd (at) gmail.com

Skype : formantechcoltd

About Us

* since 1997 year

* as the holding company with affiliated factorys and subfactorys in Korea and out of Korea
   - Forman Tech Co.,Ltd.  www.ec21.com/forman
   - Gth Tech Co.,Ltd.  www.ec21.com/gthtech
   - Piscis Tech Co.,Ltd.  www.ec21.com/piscis
   - other subfactories

* with brand "PISCIS"

* with below services
   + quality guarantee(made in Korea)
   + prompt shipment on order
   + reasonable prices
   + the best follow-up services
   + one-stop service system
   + OEM ...

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Dear sirs, We are a real factory about copper single sleeve and copper double ...
Sell aluminum sleeve(aluminum crimp)
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Company Profile

Company Name: Forman Tech Co.,Ltd.
Country/Territory: Korea
Business Type: Manufacturer
Registration Date: 2001/10/05 (Year/Month/Date)
Buyer / Seller in EC21: Seller
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